.................................................Is it snowing where you are...........


Guide us......

“There's a whisper on the night-wind, there's a star agleam to guide us.
 And the Wild is calling, calling . . . let us go..

The world was all before them, Where to choose their place of rest..

Art-Jean Charles Cazin.


The speed of time..

I'm sure he is in a hurry..and I am sure he will arrive on time..

;No matter how you hurry, you will notice at the end of the day that you traveled at the speed of time..

Wishing you a lovely weekend...don't rush it..



Twine Mistletoe an Holly...

Sing hey! Sing hey! For Christmas Day
 Twine mistletoe and holly

 For a friendship glows In winter snows And so let's all be jolly..


The spirit of Christmas..

                         To you..

 I have a list of people I know
 All written in a book
 And every year at Christmas time
 I go and take a look
 And that is when I realize
 That those names are a part
 Not of the book they're written in
 But of my very heart
For each name stands for someone
Who has crossed my path some time
And in that meeting they've become
A treasured friend of mine
And once you've met some people
 The years can not erase
 The memory of a pleasant word
 Or a friendly face
 So when I send a Christmas card
That is addressed to you
 It's because you're on that list
 Of folk I'm indebted to
 And you are one of many folk who
 In times past I've met
 And happen to be one of those
 I don't want to forget
 And whether I have known you
 for Many years or few
 In some way you have a part
in Shaping things I do...
 This, the spirit of Christmas,
 that Forever and ever endures
 May it leave it richest blessing
 In the hearts of you and yours.


I wish you THIS....
My Christmas  card to you..Hope is a thing with feathers.