Comfort zone..

Great words...but easier said then done..still it will always be the advice I would give..when you need to step out of your comfort zone..
                 Now...to slay the Dragons in your head that keep you from doing so..

“There’s always another option.
 There’s always another one.
 It’s never only 'this' or 'that,'
The moon or else the sun.

 Don’t sigh and choose the greater
Or lesser of two plights.
 But look to see the stars beyond
For options vast and bright.”

 ― Richelle E. Goodrich, Slaying Dragons.




Trains stopped in their tracks..lights went out...we lost power several times in the last couple of days..So what to do when one sits in the cold and dark......and your computer is down..

Just wait..help is on HER way..with candles and wine..didn't even have to make a call..
She heard me..and I hear you..whenever..whatever..woman are wonderfull..and stick together !
I love stories where woman save themselves...the future is feminine..and we will never ever be powerless..


xoxo Now...Go save the world..



Looking good and ready to conquer  the world..
                    Lets do this..
         Its going to be fantastic ..!
                       Bring it on..