'The Nest'

To my daughters on A Mothers Day

A daughter is a Day brightener,

and a Heart warmer...

Liverpool museums - 'The Nest' by John Everett Millais:


Gillian L. said...

Such a beautiful painting. I continue to love all the wonderful art work and writing at your blog...my favourite place to visit!
I hope you have a wonderful and relaxing Mother's Day.


MM said...

Dear Gillian,thank you so much for your sweet words.And a wonderful Mother's day to you!!

Warmly The Dutchess

het lieveheersbeestje said...

Ik ben ook gezegend met één dochter (ook nog drie schatten van zoons hoor!!), en een dochter is echt heel speciaal.. Misschien omdat wij er maar één hebben?

MM said...

Ik hou erg van het Lieveheersbeestje,met regelmaat kijk ik op je blog en zie daar altijd veel warmte en gezelligheid.
Fijne "lieveheersbeestjesmoederdag"

BaileyZimmerman said...

Dear Dutchess,
What a lovely blog!
The victorian era had so many beautiful illustrators...it's so wonderful getting lost in their world.
I live in New Jersey...the Garden State...really, it's very pretty. We have so many creatures at our backdoor, sometimes in our house, our cat brings them in and we rescue them. Each one has such a distinct personality...I really could see them at a garden tea!

Thank you for your note on my blog!!
I noticed on your blog and Gillian's you have a MyPlaylist of music that automatically plays when you open your blog. I just started MyPlaylist, but I can't figure out how to add to my blog, so that it opens automatically. Any suggestions? (We all have Blogspot blogs so I assume it can work on mine too.)

ps...Where is home?

Camel Cigarettes said...

Beautiful picture