The eyes of Emily

The author of Wuthering Heights: "Emily Brontë had by this time acquired a lithesome, graceful figure. She was the tallest person in the house, except her father. Her hair, which was naturally as beautiful as Charlotte's, was in the same unbecoming tight curl and frizz, and there was the same want of complexion. She had very beautiful eyes – kind, kindling, liquid eyes; but she did not often look at you; she was too reserved. Their colour might be said to be dark grey, at other times dark blue, they varied so. She talked very little. She and Anne were like twins – inseparable companions, and in the very closest sympathy, which never had any interruption.

Charlotte famously said of her sister:
Stronger than a man, simpler than a child, her nature stood alone."

(Picture-Emily B_a painting by Charlotte B,first published in the july 1894 issue of The woman at home._)

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