Picked some flowers today..

Very happy today with the Arte y Pico award.........
Miss Peach so nice of you to give this to me,its an honour!
And you know what's so very wonderfull,when you receive this award you can pass in on to 5 other kindred spirits,for there talent and creative energie.
This can be in Art,writing,etc
So i picked a big bouquet of flowers (with a little help from Mr.Renoir)to go with the ARTE Y PICO....and i would like to give it to..

The one and only..Everly Pleasent,A young and VERY talented writer.CLICKETY-CLACK.
JO,for being Jo.. OLD FLOWERS FOR ME.
Rosie,with here very interesting blogs about family and history, CORNERS OF MY MIND
Milly,Art with a capital A.It realy touched me, DRAWINGS FROM NATURE.
And last but not least, Gillian,for her lovely REFLECTIONS IN THE AFTERNOON..

They all can be found at my..Kindred spirit list ....


Everly Pleasant said...

Wow, I am so honored! The flowers will go on my desk and the award onto Clickety-clack. That was so kind.
Thanks again,

Gillian L. said...

Dutches, thank you so much for the lovely flowers and award. It has started my summer off in a special way to receive them.

From your very appreciative "Kindred Spirit"


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