The Promise

I promised the fairies and..I forgot.I forgot to tell you about the Midsummer Fairies..on midsummer day.So sorry,because they are VERY special,they shine...like the sun.They are little rays of sunlight,and when they are near..you start to feel light and happy,as on a warm, easy living, summerday.They promised me ,(and they never forget a promise) to visit you and me everyday if possible! So ,my dear reader and friend,cherish every ray of sunshine because a fairy lives in it.......
(painting by John George Naish)


MISS PEACH >(^.^) said...

Dearest Dutchess! I do not know how you found my blog but I thank God that you did and brought me back here with you!
Being a wise old cat, I am not very easily impressed by worldly things. So here in your enchanted realm I have lost myself in blissful respite! I will visit often and tell my sppecial friends about this haven you have created.
With much love...Miss Peach

The Dutchess said...

Dear Miss Peach.thank you,thank yo,thank you,you made me blush..


Charm & Grace said...

And just as Miss Peach promised, she faithfully did tell her friends. I (being one of her friends) popped right over because I know she has impeccable taste, and what should I find but a wonderland of fairies and beauty? You have a magical touch and I will be back often.