iiiiiiiiiits MONDAY

And a lot of work is waiting on The Hilltop and in Hilltop Hall.
But never mind...the dancing bears gave me a big Bear Hug and i am to pass it on...A big Hug for you my dearest reader and friend...May your Monday be a good one...and do a little bear dance while your working...

(on the playlist.A dancing teddy)


Everly Pleasant said...

Ah, how sweet.
Do you call your house Hilltop Hall?
Ours is Eyrie Park.

Barb said...

Oh, your posting made my day!
A friend of mine refers to Monday as "Moan-day!"
Happy bear dancin' day !

The Dutchess said...

Barb..thank you,hope your Monday was a dancing happy one!Moan-day,thats funny..

Everly from Eyrie Park,sounds mysterious.Nice titel for a detective novel!