Fairlight from Neverland

Women Children's Book Illustrators--Cicely Mary Barker

In Neverland lives the very beautiful and enchanting Miss Fairlight Crumb.
She knows everyting about the land of Never,she can tell you the names of all the flowers ever found in Never..she can tell you stories for ever and ever ,and show you the most magical photographs ever taken.. you will never believe your eyes.
A few Neverland days ago Miss Crumb told a story about the Autumn fairies..Yes Autumn is on its way,and Fairies LOVE Autumn.Its there favorite season for ever and ever..and mine to,I love Autumn
Thank you Miss Fairlight Crumb for sharing The wonderful world of Cicely Barker.
And please do tell us more about Neverland....

on the playlist- Finding Neverland..


Pam said...

What a beautiful illustration.I love Autumn too.

Blue said...

As ever a delightful ray of happiness - much apprecaited from my present dark place.

TY for you & Bee's comments.
My blog has been found by someone who I know personally & I'd intentionally excluded because of the grief they gave me on my original blog site.


Charm and Grace said...

Loving the flight to Neverland this morning... your taste in music is impeccable, as is your taste in artwork! This fairy is adorable, and I was not familiar with the artist. Thanks for introducing me.


Pamela Terry and Edward said...

All the fairies around my house are watching for the autumn to arrive.

Everly Pleasant said...

Hello Dutchess,
Wow thank you so much for all of the lovely comments!!!
that is sooooo sweet of you!!!
I realy like the two Cicely Barker books that I have!
God bless!
Love, Fairlight Crumb

Everly Pleasant said...

Oh, it was me but it was Fairlight. How odd...
Now it is really Everly, just stopping by to say "thanks" myself.
She does have a lovely way with a camera, doesn't she?