Clickety-Clack: "I feel like in our family, our hearts and souls are really more visible sometimes than our physical selves because we all know each other so well and love each other so well and care more for hearts than faces any day"

Today I am celebrating my husbands birthday!A day you again feel how fragile you and your loved ones are ..I a way we should celebrate birthday's every day..Every day is special.When you open your eyes in the morning its a birth of a new day.A day you can share with your family and friends! Have a happy day today and a great weekend with your family.
This post is one of the ..I love list..I love my Hubby!


Blue said...

That is a lovely post!
When I read something like this I regret having no family & no true love any more.

Happy birthday to your 'Hubby' - may you share a perfect day together.


GrandmaK said...

With full understanding and sincere congratulations. Cathy

Everly Pleasant said...

Happy Birthday Dutchess' Hubby!
Thanks for the quotation. Clickety-clack is blushing.
Oh, and I love that painting!

MISS PEACH ~(^.^)~ said...

Happy Birthday to The Man of the manor...It is my pleasure to purrr for you today. A slice of cheesecake please...and thank you!
Your Miss Peach

Blue said...

Hope your day was all you wish.

I'm a 10th of May baby...
This year I was blessed with many cards & greetings form my blogland friends.

Best wishes