IIIts Tiptoe Monday..lets tiptoe with the Dancing Bears...have a good day today...(this Bear can sing..!)

On the playlist Tiptoe through the tulips..


Fern said...

Hope you are dancing today Duchess and had a very silly Sunday yesterday! He is a very cute bear and Tiny Tim takes me back a bit!

Pam said...

Beautiful photo of the little bear.And whatever happened to Tiny Tim? These days, is he strumming his ukeleli in the Trampled Tulip Retirement Home?

Laure said...

it's nearing the season of sleepytime for this little one (okay ... not so little). oh yes ... let's do tiptoe ... or swirl ... or jump for joy ... as long as it's together!

Fern said...

I dont know whether you are supposed to put a reply to a comment on my blog or yours so I am putting it on both this time!
Duchess, I hope you make that trip, you could vsit Beatrix Potter's home and all the places in her books too.
The name Wrynose is said to derive from latin and means pass of the stallion because it would need a powerful horse to cope with the steep 1 in 3 gradient.

LOUISE said...

When I was young my Granny and I used to fool and dance around to this track. Thanks for the fond memory. x