The Unanswered Question

Its all about the music today,the music and a post about" Questions "from a lovely blog "Sometimes",wich you can find on the Kindred Spirit list. Please visit..
At this moment you are listening to music called "The Unanswered Question",from Charles Ives.I believe we all struggle with questions ,and how to find a place whithin yourself where you can find the answer...and then to find that the answer was always there...

About the music
The woodwinds are said to represent our human answers growing increasingly impatient and desperate, until they lose their meaning entirely. Meanwhile, right from the very beginning, the strings have been playing their own separate music, infinitely soft and slow and sustained, never changing, never growing louder or faster, never being affected in anyway by that strange question–and–answer dialogue of the trumpet and the woodwinds. The trumpet then asks "The Perennial Question of Existence",seven times.. and the woodwinds seek "The Invisible Answer", but abandon it in frustration, so that ultimately the question is answered only by the "Silences".
Its not easy to play ,and not easy to listen. Its one of my favorites,especially when i can hear it life in a concerthall.I love The Unanswered Question

Wishing you a beautiful sunday..enjoy

Painting Study of clouds-John Constable

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Fern said...

I had never heard that piece of music before, it's both beautiful and fascinating. Thank you for sharing it. Have a lovely Sunday too.

Laure said...

dutchess, this is quite a gift to find this morning. thank you. like fern, i also have never heard this piece before. it is as simple and as complex as our questioning. thank you, too, for your kind words about 'sometimes...' i am grateful that you find loveliness when you visit. may the balance of your weekend be peace-filled and restful.

GrandmaK said...

I visit you here after I read Laure's post. Then I listened to the music and find in it such beauty and tension. There is tranquility and dissonance. I hope that questions continue to enter my life that I might have the genius and wisdom of so many to help me on this "pilgrimage" as you offer in your earlier post.

It is so comforting to visit you where you live. Thank you! Cathy

Much to my embarrassment, I don't remember responding to your request that I be added to your list of Kindred Spirits. It would be my privilege and pleasure to be so added.