And the stars were shining,
and the earth smelled sweet,
the garden gate scraped,
and a step brushed the sand.
She came in, fragrant,
and fell into my arms.

Oh! sweet kisses, oh! languid caresses,
while I, trembling, released her lovely features from their veils!
My dream of love has vanished forever.
The moment is gone, and I die in despair!
And I never have loved life so much!

Puccini...no summer without opera..

E lucevan le stelle - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Drawing..Edmund Dulac-on the playlist E Lucevan le stelle-


GrandmaK said...

Used to go with my dad's cousin every summer to the Central City opera in Colorado. It was an opera house built in the 1800 and every summer there was still opera performed. My favorites are Aida and Madam Butterfly. Thanks for the reminder!! As a young girl it was quite a treat! Cathy

Laure said...

this image by dulac is exquisite!