Left in the hands of a governess, Beatrix was gently educated and largely allowed to follow her own passions, which included keeping pets, playing outdoors, and drawing.

For many years, however, it seemed that such circumstances had combined to create a misfit. The young Miss Potter was a shy creature, more comfortable with rabbits and mice than with her peers. Although she once wrote that "a happy marriage is the crown of a woman's life," she had no taste for the matchmaking conventions of the time (or for her mother's ambitions for a mate with the right family name) and so the years passed and Potter remained home alone with her parents.

But Potter's time was not wasted. Energetic and impassioned, she continued her scientific studies even as she entertained her small circle of friends and family with drawings of her pets and charming stories about them..
At the picture Bee is 19 years old,holding on her hand a pet mouse...


GrandmaK said...

Beatrix Potter is one of my favorite authors/artists. She was so gifted and talented and her stories delighted my children! Cathy

Fern said...

Hi Duchess, Poor Beatrix, doesn't she look serious? I am glad her life turned out to be happy and fulfilling in the end.

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

One of my very favorite people ever to grace the planet.

Charm and Grace said...

Good morning, Dutchess. I love learning about Beatrix Potter. I have left an award for you at Charm & Grace Cottage. I truly do love your blog. Hope you have a wonderful day!


Marja said...

Oh I so love the drawings of Beatrix
I read the stories to my children and have a beautiful calender with her pictures.
Wat leuk om een andere nederlander te ontmoeten er zijn niet veel nederlanders die in het engels bloggen Heel veel groetjes uit NZ

Anonymous said...

what a breath of fresh air to come here and visit you, dutchess! pray all is well for you!


The Dutchess said...

I love the work of Miss Potter, I am even more interested in her life..it was strange,a bit lonely and in a way very daring!At the picture with the mouse she looks very vulnerable,but a glimpse of "I know what I want"shines true!

Gillian L. said...

I have a biography of Beatrix Potter I hope to get to reading soon. The positive side of her personality is that she still followed her passion and perhaps she can serve as a role model for other shy people in a world that seems to only value extroversion. I love her work and she has created so many happy memories for so many people.