Snow White finds the dwarfs house / The Silly Song



Blue said...

Good morning Duchess & little Mister Bee!

I guessed the song straight way.
Saw Snow White as a child in the 50's, but haven't watched the track for years.
Thanks for that pleasure again - I just so adore the woodland animals helping her.

And, many thanks for your thoughful caring comments you left me. I do have a quirky post up this morning!

Love [& tickles to Bee]

The Dutchess said...

And a very good morning to you dear Bleu,so nice to hear from you
Loved the rabbit post,sure will try nexy month..
Mr.bee sends his love,and i give you a lucky Hug for september.Wanted to leave a comment on your blog ,now hope you read this little note...see ya

GrandmaK said...

Thank you for this lovely and delightful way to begin my day! I have always loved the turtle in this part of the movie, but you know until today, I didn't realize water pump had a face on it. Amazing! Thank you Cathy

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

What a wonderful ten minutes! I smiled all the way through.

It's funny how much more alive and magical this kind of animation is in comparison to the computer generated sort.

Barb said...

Good Day Dutchess Ü
So enjoyed this post, my favorite are the animated bunnies and birds!

I'm glad you noticed and liked the change of season pictures on my blog. With Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas on the way, I plan on changing pictures often. Luv this time of the year.

Fern said...

I had forgotten how wonderful this is, thank you so much for reminding me, I thoroughly enjoyed it.

The Dutchess said...

To all...soooo happy you enjoyed ,it makes me smile..

Grandmak ..i did not know the water pump had a face...so i watched the video again..you keep finding new details..