"I insert here a letter of Jane Austen's written backwards, addressed to her niece 'Cassy,' daughter of Captain Charles Austen (afterwards Admiral), when a little girl.

I hsiw uoy a yppah wen raey. Ruoy xis snisuoc emac ereh yadretsey, dna dah hcae a eceip of ekac. Siht si elttil Yssac's yadhtrib, dna ehs si eerht sraey dlo. Knarf sah nugeb gninrael Nital. Ew deef eht Nibor yreve gninrom. Yllas netfo seriuqne retfa uoy. Yllas Mahneb sah tog a wen neerg nwog. Teirrah Thgink semoc yreve yad ot daer ot Tnua Ardnassac. Doog eyb, ym raed Yssac.
Tnua Ardnassac sdnes reh tseb evol, dna os ew od lla.
Ruoy etanoitceffa Tnua, ENAJ NETSUA"


Rosie said...

Oh, thank you - I've really enjoyed deciphering that - I bet Cassy did, too all those years ago:) I love the illustration!

GrandmaK said...

What FUN! Welcome home! Cathy

Everly Pleasant said...

This is so cool!
I'm posting this on Clickety-Clack right off.
I love your new Header Image by the way.

Heidi said...

What fun but difficult to get the hang of reading to start with. Good to see you are back. I try to open your other blog and get a virus message each time.

Hugs en groetjes ~