Go Hibernate

When the days are getting shorter and darker I sometimes wished I was a bear .Then I could curl up in my "den" and sleep for weeks....I was just asking Mozes from the Hilltop Forest ...isn't it time to go Hibernate?(and maybe we can go together)
Mozes smiled and gave me this answer..
Bears do not go into a true state of hibernation. Instead they go into what is called "torpor". A state of reduced activity accompanied by lowered metabolism, heart rate and respiration. They typically do this as a result of lower food availability. In locations where food availability remains high they may be active for much of the winter. When in torpor, bears may be in deep sleep in their den and might not wake at all even when entered by people etc. but they may also stir, go out, feed, walk about etc.

So...do be careful dear when you are wandering about at The Hilltop,you might meet a sleepwalking Mozes...And whenever I am OFF line for a day or so,don't worry,I am IN TORPOR...(only..'barely'moving for a trip to the fridge!)
(on the playlist-Go to sleep little baby)


Heidi said...

Oh yes, we need a trip to the fridge with all the goodies in season for the autumn and winter. Just speculaas alone is worth stirring for. LOL! My father's nickname was bear so I loved seeing this photo.

Hugs ~

GrandmaK said...

What a lovely vision you illustrated here. Torpor, hmmm, sounds delightful, not practical, but delightful!! Have a grand day!! Cathy

Gillian L. said...

Yes, there a days I wish to hibernate, although my version would be in a cozy chair by my fireplace with a good book, a blanket and a cat and dog at my feet!:)


Laura said...

I think I must be a bear.