Even a bottle of gin!
In Thomas Hardy's novel Tess of the D'Urbervilles, of 1891, the heroine becomes so destitute that she can only find work on a turnip farm. Her companion, Marian, carries a bottle of gin in her pocket:

'Marian's will had a method of assisting itself by taking from her pocket as the afternoon wore on a pint bottle corked with white rag, from which she invited Tess to drink. Tess's unassisted power of dreaming, however, being enough for her sublimation at present, she declined except the merest sip, and then Marian took a pull herself from the spirits. 'I've got used to it,' she said, 'and can't leave it off now. 'Tis my only comfort

I am afraid I have TO MANY pockets...and strange things live in it..What about your's?

From Jane Austen's World
Take a look..a lovely site


Tea Time With Melody said...

Your picture on this post, is that really pocket small? It is truley amazing the detail. Right off I was saying, I want one of those!

smilnsigh said...

Precious picture and lovely site. Thank you for the link.

Actually, the only things usually living in my pockets, are tissues. Not very exciting at all, I fear. :-)

Gentle hugs,
Miss Mari-Nanci
In The Mind Of A Grandmother

Rosie said...

What a lovely litle heart to keep in your pocket! Poor Marian and poor tragic Tess! Thanks for the link to the wonderful Jane Austen site.
My pockets? Just a tissue I'm afraid and occasionally in my coat pocket, when I go walking without a bag, my door keys and mobile phone:)

Marie said...

I am now reading a book called 'Jane Austen's World.' I am finding it fascinating.

I love your blog and hope you dont mind if I add you to my blog roll?

Thanking you in advance:)

Peace to you