Where dreams come true and time stands still...

Remember....how the Lady shoe,together with the white rabbit,jumped in the High Hat,that stood in the middle of the table.
"Help",squeaked the Lady shoe,"help,I thought that this would be a small leap,but I remain tumbling and tumbling..'
She saw how the white rabbit tumbled beside her,and she mentioned,"My dear white rabbit,please tell me, how deep is a High Hat"?
The white rabbit,used to tumbling in high hats answered," a hat is as deep as it is high, but only in reality"
"In reality....O," said the Lady shoe, "O, actualy I have the distinct feeling that I am dreaming"! She found it so peculiar. A High Hat without a bottom!
While she fell she looked down.......no, still no landingplace in view!
"How long will it take before we are on the bottom",she asked the white rabbit. "Infinitely", answered the rabbit tumbling" infinitely."
"Endless, squeaked the lady shoe nervously, I do not have so much time..!
"There is but one solution", 'sniffeled the white rabbit,making a a beautiful salto!.
"And what is that solution",the Lady shoe askt eagerly.
"You must forget time", sniffeled the rabbit," only then you will know know how late it actually is". "I am afraid I do not totally understand," squeaked the Lady shoe,she also became a little bit dizzy from tumbling down," how can you forget time"?
"By dreaming",answered the white rabbit",just close your eyes and imagine something,for instance a landingplace,but pay attention to what you dream, because in High Hats dreams always come true".

Well,I was a bit lost in translation ,but what you have been reading was a little fragment from my book...The lost Shoes...(or something like that.)
Are High Hats magical..or are they dangerous dream catchers...


Pamela Terry and Edward said...

I think it might depend on the head on which they sit.

Wonderful book...do keep going!

Rosie said...

that was lovely, thanks so much for sharing your precious work with us. In answer to your question, like Pamela, depends on which head wears it - like something ordinary being dangerous in the wrong hands:)