IIIts.. Decorating Monday..

The first Monday in December..And I don't know about you but I am starting with my Christmas decorations.. In what color are you going to decorate the Christmas Tree?
Mine will be covered with little birdies..I have been collecting them for years now, and the tree looks ever so lovely with all the little birdies sitting on the branches..
Wishing you lots of fun with your decorating..


Poopsie Blue said...

Your tree sounds lovely!
Mine will be in reds, greens & golds with many old cherished orniments.

But, must write my cards before I dare start decorating.


Fern said...

I agree with Poopsie Blue, it sounds a lovely idea. I tend go for natural type decorations.
No snow here, yet, except on the tops but it is absolutely freezing today so you never know!

Rosie said...

Mine will be in reds and greens and will probably be done in a couple of weeks time. Like poopsie blue, I must do the cards and buy the presents first:)

Barb said...

Your tree sounds beautiful - perhaps you would consider taking a picture when it is completed.
We put up our little "vintage" looking tree yesterday - it looks so festive when walking into our living room.
Thanks for visiting my blog.
In reply to your question, "yes" feel free to use the photo - I would be honored :)
Happy Decoration,

Deb said...

I am so happy you stopped by my blog so I could find yours :-) It is wonderful and I look forward to reading through some of your posts today. Happy December 1st as you begin your Christmas decorating. Enjoy!

Pam said...

Birdie decorations! That sounds delightful.I read on someone's blog (can't remember who unfortunately)) about her preparations to decorate the Christmas tree at her local animal shelter in cat and dog decorations. What a wonderful idea. My tree decorations are simply all silver or all gold,it varies each year.

Charlene said...

Your bird tree sounds wonderful. I so long to do a theme tree but, I have little grandsons coming & I will do a traditional tree with all the family favorites & put the Santa Train under the tree with the village houses & lights blinking. But, in my heart I really want a different kind of tree. I know there will be other years for this & for now I will enjoy my little ones. I just found your blog & LOVE IT! I will be back. Thank you for sharing your wonder.

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

We put up several trees for Christmas, including one that is covered in birds that I have collected through the years. Big fat snow owls, feathered cardinals and partridges. I just love it and I'd love to see yours! Isn't it fun??

Tea Time With Melody said...

Love the cat picture. My colors are Red and Gold with white lights.