The itch to write..

Miss Potter World – covering the life of Beatrix Potter

From the time she was fourteen until she was thirty-one, Beatrix kept a journal, a secret journal written in a code of her own design. Towards the end of her life Beatrix wrote, 'when I was young I already had the itch to write without having any material to write about' (Beatrix, 1966, p.11). After starting the journal, she found plenty to write about, and in her quiet manner she developed her writing skills. She wanted to keep her journal from prying eyes, particularly those of her mother. Although the code was simple it remained undeciphered for eighty years until in 1958 Leslie Linder was able to break the code. Beatrix did admit that later in her life she had some difficulty in reading what she had written


Marja said...

Oh I love Beatrix Potter I had lots of little booklets with beautiful pictures when my kids were small and they liked the stories so much. That was one of the favourites en Jip en Janneke

Fern said...

I have a few books about Beatrix Potter and love them.
Have you come across a book called A Countrywomans's Journal by Margaret Shaw? It was written in the 20s and lay hidden in a draw for over seventy years. I love that one too.

Heidi said...

I am a huge Beatrix Potter fan and have her journals. I am reading the Beatrix Potter Cottage Tales now which are wonderful books to read if you don't mind reading in English.

Hugs ~