iiiits a Christmas rush..Monday!

Making lists...shopping..baking..cleaning..bying presents,a million things to do before Christmas...slow down..Take a deep breath...make some time for yourself!You deserve it...we have been such good girls!
So, Santa baby.....................


GrandmaK said...

Love the picture! My husband has trained me, lo these many years, that the best way to avoid the results of a MAD RUSH is to get it done early! And so it is that all is done but the rapping...YEAH!!! Have a GRAND Day!! Cathy

Lydia said...

Hello Dutchess,
Thank you for visiting my blog. I love your blog. It's so true, now is a time to try and slow down and relax, so we don't run ourselves down.
I need to remember this too.
Wishing you a pleasant day,

Charm and Grace said...

Love your Christmas blog decor and the SNOW!! and yes I need to be out shopping, but instead I am sitting here and enjoying your blog!!


Heidi said...

Oh yes, this I know this all too well! I am still busy decorating for my quilt's group Christmas party on Wednesday. The holidays caught up with me this year...

Hugs ~

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

I needed that reminder. I fear I may resemble the poor wretch in the illustration today.