In the air...

We're Walking In The Air
We're Floating In The Moonlit Sky
The People Far Below Are Sleeping As We Fly

I'm Holding Very Tight
I'm Riding In The Midnight Blue
I'm Finding I Can Fly So High Above With You

Far Across The World
The Villages Go By Like Dreams
The Rivers And The Hills
The Forest And The Streams

Children Gaze Open Mouth
Taken By Surprise
Nobody Down Below Believes Their Eyes

Yes...two posts today,because I am off tomorrow doing my Cristmas shopping,wish me luck..


Pamela Terry and Edward said...

Oh, Edward and I wish you a most delightful shopping experience. Enjoy yourself!

And The Snowman...one of our favorites.

Marja said...

Lovely. I did my shopping. Love it and of course have spent to much again

Gillian L. said...

I just found this at your blog. I loved this video and my sons and watched it many times when they were younger. This past year I was sorry that at the age of 9 they no longer wanted to watch it. Oh well, I shall just have to watch it myself this coming winter - still a child at heart! Thanks for sharing.