A visit..

Today Miss Moussie came to visit..I always enjoy her company..we have a wonderful time together. She wanders through the house and sits on my desk while I am writing..she tells me the most amazing stories.
But strange things start to happen when Miss Moussie visits while there are gasts ...Not everyone likes a mouse..not even when this mouse is our sweet adorable Miss Moussie...

Painting-A Mouse-Thomas Alken.


GrandmaK said...

It seems so natural for you to have a friend like Miss Moussie, just as I have my "Little Leprechauns." Very nice! Have a grand day! Cathy

Barb said...

Hi Dutchess,
Please tell Miss Moussie she is welcome at our home anytime. :)
Wishing you an enjoyable day.

Tea Time With Melody said...

hahaha, that's me up there on that chair!

Marja said...

Miss mousy would be eaten by my cat
I love the print

Marie said...

Wasn't there a song about a mouse? 'I saw a mouse, where? There on the stairs, where on the stairs? Right there la la la?'

I used to sing that song as a child though I loathe mice eeeek!

lol peace to you:)