In the twilight zone...

It was a wonderful sunny day today.Spring has sprung....And there, in the twilight at the end of a perfect first springday the fairies arrived at the Hilltop..

They landed on my windowsill between the flowerpots...it was a long journey and I believe there where some problems finding directions...well, they made it...fluttering chattering and quarreling..


iriz said...

i love the photo, it's mesmerizing...
and the way it tied with you words, perfect.

nice to be here again! ;)

Barb said...

So happy the fairies arrived safely. Wishing you a day of sunshie. :)

Aunt Amelia's Attic said...

How lucky you are, that you had a real Spring-feeling Vernal Equinox. Which brought back your Faeries.

And I love it that Faeries flutter and chatter and even quarrel. Very female, after all. ,-)

If mine arrived now, they'd be quarreling for sure! Saying; "Just whose bright idea was it, to come back so soon?!? It's still freezing here."

Aunt Amelia