The mysterious egg....

The night was dark. The wind blew strong.
A little egg was blown along.
Small and silent, round and white,
it rolled up to the barn that night.

Bright sky, pink clouds, the rising sun--Rooster
called, "The morning's come."
But then he noticed things amiss.
He crowed, surprised, "Whose egg is this?"

The chickens cackled from their pens,
"If there's an egg, it's from us hens."
"Don't be so quick," said Goose and Duck.
"Perhaps that egg is mine," they clucked.

Cow yawned and stretched and rolled from bed.
"I might have lost an egg," she said.
Then Rooster crowed, "Whose egg are you?"
The little egg gave not a clue....

Who's egg is it..read all about it at this site..

The mysterious egg. - Free Online Library

Painting-Fresh Eggs-Thomas Waterman Wood.


GrandmaK said...

I do like that poem/story! Quite a community of characters. Have a GRAND day! Cathy

Rosie said...

Oh, I really like that poem - such fun:)