IIIts Monday

And its a wonderful Monday....Plenty of sunshine coming our way ..and we are going to enjoy....lets celebrate the last glorious weeks of summer...Dance like nobody is watching..ALEGRIA..


Rosie said...

Oh, I'm dancing - the next couple of days are going to be warm and sunny - enjoy the sunshine and the dancing and have a wonderful week:)

Presépio no Canal said...

You are a box of surprises ("caixinha de surpresas") ;))
ALEGRIA is one of my favourite portuguese words (not only because of the meaning, but also because of the sound);)
The song is brazilian (portuguese with "suiker";) as we say. Amazing song!! Who is singing? :)
My father lived in Brazil in the sixties before get married with my mother, so I know a lot of musics and musicians, but not this one.
Tom Jobim, Vinicius, Maria Bethânia, Caetano Veloso, Elis Regina, Toquinho (this one has got a song,"Aquarela"... for me, it is a summer song; I put it in my blog in the post "Acthertuin").
There is a portuguese group, I think you would like. TROVANTE...so full of joy like "Caravelas", "Saudade" :)
They do not exist anymore (now they have solo carears), but see my label "Portuguese Music".
Listen also SÉTIMA LEGIÃO.
And listen "Barco Negro" by Amália Rodrigues e " Canção do Mar" by Dulce Pontes.
You will enjoy :) because we have great poets and great musicians...
Cristina Branco, Marisa (Oh, when she sang "Gente da Minha Terra" near Torre de Belém- I was there- I cryed so much because she sang with soul; it is in my blog too), Joana Amendoeira is also a fado singer, and she sings in hungarian too ;)
Thank you for the surprise ;) I enjoy it so much and now I will listen TROVANTE...;)


Presépio no Canal said...

I will listen Sergio Mendes carefully ("Mendes" is a very traditional and ancient name in my country ;)...
I put Trovante in my blog today to you. The music is about our History, when we discover the world and "gave worlds to world" (world history of XV/XVI centuries)...
You love Fado, so nice :) "Barco Negro" by Amália is overwelmed, I think (the poem is about the fishermans) like "Canção do Mar" (The Song of the Sea)...by Dulce Pontes, uau!!!
Cristina Branco is very good and I like when she sings with Blof " Dansen aan Zee".
Do you know Carlos do Carmo? what a voice, great musics and poets, a must, if you like Fado. The most important male Fado Singer in Portugal. I listen him since my chilhood...

Anna said...

katten hebben toch van de mooie moves af en toe!
prachtige dieren!!!

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Dearest Dutchess! Is this the famous Miss Peach dancing at her wedding? Monday is wonderful, and my days are counting down to returning back to my classroom!!! But I will savor every day this week and next for the excitement will begin. How did everyone make it home after the theatre? I suppose all went well, with Mozes and TomTom at the helm! Have a marvelous day, Anita

Presépio no Canal said...

Exactly, exactly :) I was there near Torre de Belém, Lisbon, in the concert...it was wonderful :)
I have put here on my blog:

And another unforgetable concert it was Dulce Pontes with Ennio Morricone in the open air anfitheater in Monsanto, Lisbon...it was in the evening, we saw the stars and the bridge, the orchestra... Great Times...

If you go to Porto, please see this.


It is nearby Guimarães.
The famous paintings in the walls...do not miss...and you can sleep there...

Beijinhos ;)