Silver lining

I stood against the window
And looked between the bars,
And there were strings of fairies
Hanging from the stars;
Everywhere and everywhere
In shining, swinging chains;
The air was full of shimmering,
Like sunlight when it rains.

They kept on swinging, swinging,
They flung themselves so high
They caught upon the pointed moon
And hung across the sky.
And when I woke next morning,
There still were crowds and crowds
In beautiful bright bunches
All sleeping on the clouds

All clouds have a silver lining...

Poem~ Rose Amy Fyleman


GrandmaK said...

I seem to have a passion for clouds this summer too. So soft and billowy. They have a character all their own. The poem is so beautiful. Thank you! Cathy

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Dearest Dutchess! How in thee world did I miss this great poem? I have missed so many posts today! Thank you for the marvelous, inspiring words! I just loved your night time photo of "The Toast." How enchanting and what a marvelous way to close what was a grand summer with friends like you. Bisous, Anita

Miss Sandra said...

What a pretty poem.
I hope you've been having a lovely summer. Tis autumn around the corner and I cannot wait for the beautiful display of fall colors to enchant us all!