The things I want to do..

"There isn't time, there isn't time
To do the things I want to do,
With all the mountain-tops to climb,
And all the woods to wander through,
And all the seas to sail upon,
And everywhere there is to go,
And all the people, every one
Who lives upon the earth, to know.
There's only time, there's only time
To know a few, and do a few,
And then sit down and make a rhyme
About the rest I want to do"


Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Oh my dearest, that is so beautiful! Yes, yes! There is only so much time, let us all make the best of it through the simple yet profound things. You have taught me MUCH, YES, YOU! I will forever be grateful for your example to me. Fondly, Anita

Pres├ępio no Canal said...

Ahah you make me smile ;) yes, it is true...I agree with the message of the poem ;)

Make it simple ;)

Fijne weekend ;)
Soon, I will start my dutch lessons!
Pray for me! ahah
The nice verbs I had already learn ; "slaap" LOLOL " eten" and "drinken" LOLOL

Rosie said...

Love the sentiments in the poem - so many things I could do but I now know that I can't do them all - so I must concentrate on those things I really want to do and treasure the people I already know:)

Laurie Eno said...


No better word for it.

Thank you!