The fairies from The Hilltop would like you to know they arived savely on a warm sunny beach at the seaside..

James Matthew Barrie (Peter Pan, Chapter 17)--"...because you see They live in nests on the tops of trees; and the mauve ones are boys and the white ones are girls, and the blue ones are just little sillies who are not sure what they are."

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Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Oh dearest, what lovely finds! Do you know, I don't know the faery world as well as I should....I had no idea that there were "neutral"faerys!!! Are they friend or foe? You know that the two Rats are off to save Hilltop and save Miss Moussie from the horror of the haunted pumpkin....shall we do something about the faerys or are they behaving themselves? Nothing is too difficult for these two rats! Just say the word and they're off on their white horses!!!