When you were young.....


GrandmaK said...

You know, I make every effort to remember. There are some really wonderful memories. Thank you and Merry Christmas! Cathy

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Oh dearest, you have done more for me this year than you will ever know. I have always been a child at heart, but in secret. Knowing you and what you value, makes my position as a lover of fond memories and dreams an important place to stay. THANK YOU FOR THE MEMORIES....I will cherish this time of my life, having been awakened again as an artist and human being, forever. There are friends, and then there are friends that are deliberate in their actions. You encourage and inspire and create nothing but beauty, laughter and hope with the intention to raise others to their potential. Mille mercies, Anita

Anna said...

oooh dat is lang geleden hoor!!!
fijne en gezellige dagen.
Anna xxx

Heidi said...

Het lijkt gisteren want ik heb nooit mijn kinderjaren helemaal los gelaten. Je moet altijd een klein stukje ervan in je hart houden hoe oud je ook wordt.

Hele fijne kerstdagen!

Hugs en groetjes ~

BellaRosa said...

Such a simple yet lovely..thought provoking and heart warming post...because of the memories it bought for from my heart :) I went to all four of your blogs and I have to tell you...they are all so wonderful! How amazing is that! I sometimes feel like I am letting people down with my lil blog and my few ever so slow postings and you have 4! They are all so lovely, are these your own drawings? Your drawings and writing are so lovely, I fear that if I were to become a follower on all of your blogs that I would be in an enormous amount of trouble with my family :) I think I spend too much time visiting flogs now as it is...adding all yours I would never get anything done in my house beccause I would have to read all yours back to the beginning...so for now, I became a follower on this one and I will work my way to the rest :) Besos, Rose

ps...Thank you so much for visiting my lil blog and becoming a follower...it means alot :)