It was very cold on the Hilltop the last few days....We had to feed not only the birds but also some little lost dwarfs..do you know what's living under your porch...I do...and they love porridge..:)

Artist John Bauer.


Anna said...

gôh dat wist ik niet, maar als je erover nadenkt is het wel logisch natuurlijk!!!
Ik zal ze ook maar eens gaan voeren dan! anders gaan ze nog verhuizen!
Bauer vind ik 1 van de beste....zoooo mooi!!!
gr. en fijn weekend

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

And oh, I bet the porridge from your kitchen is so wonderful; I know that everyone congregates under your porch, because they know that Gustave is the resident chef!!! Oh dearest, you were with me all the way in my defense! As I walked in, I thought of you, your kindness and Miss M. an Fifi were with me as well.....silent, but ever so present!!! MANY THANKS AND WE ARE GOING TO CELEBRATE! This weekend is my last weekend of homework...I have a 10 page review to write, due next Friday. So, one more week and OFF I GO with all of our beloved characters into fairy world...oh thank you so much. Bisous, Anita

Angelsdoor * Penny said...

Just as you share your porridge with all that gather under your porch, the same is true with your beautiful heart..

Duchess of Tea said...

A very sweet post my darling. Just popped in to wish you a blessed weekend.

Love & Hugs