Bright be your Easter...have yourself some wonderful days...lets start with some funny bunnies..or read all about the search for the golden egg...and what egg was sitting on a wall,yes.......thats the one...And did you know today its Hans Christian Andersen's birthday..I love his fairytales..so here's a little tribute...ENJOY..

On the playlist today...Kreisler..LIEBESLIED


Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Oh dearest, this gave me so much joy...I am laughing out loud here at 5:30am with those audacious Easter Bunnies making their eggs and goodies; what a genius Disney and his entourage were in those days! And Mr. B.!!! What a lucky fellow, and all the other sweet goodies you have given us this morning! Oh dear one, I wish you happiness and promise in the garden of your soul. Many happy thoughts of you always in my heart....Anita

Anna said...

voor jullie ook hele fijne dagen, en hopelijk 'n beetje lekker weer!!!
voor ons nog geen pasen in ons nieuwe huisje...
we moeten nog 28 dagen wachten tot de sleuteloverdracht!!!
gr. xxx

Barb said...

What an adorable vintage Easter card. Happy Easter to you.

Val said...

Lovely Easter card!
Happy Easter!