Back in time..

Today..something different...we are going back in time and we are going to have ourselfs a sixties party..PUMP UP THE VOLUME..

Live your days instead of counting the years....

In the sixties I was still very young. I grew up with music from Bach to the Beatles and I would dance in my play-pen.


Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Oh Dusty Springfield...dearest, we were just young impressionable girls when this was HOT, but it speaks volumes in memories, in relevant messages for today! And I love the picture....let's dance dear one, I've got my go-go boots on; let's dance to all the great and wondereous hits of our era!!!! LIVE LIFE TO THE FULLEST...HAVE JOIE DE VIVRE! Can Miss Moussie shake her little behind with us? She will look darling in a mini skirt as I am sure you will too! Get out your fishnet stockings, Miss M.!!!

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

OMG. Y.O.U. A.R.E. S.O. C.U.T.E. You wanna see me with a little Mexican hat? A little bird will send it to you shortly...I think we were of the same mind and time....we wanted to get out of our "playpens" and dance! My mother said I could have been an opera singer...I would scream bloody shreaks to get out of my little cage!!!LOVELY, LOVELY memories my dear!