The Moon and the Stars..

Look..they are hanging out the moon and the stars..lets make a wish..

Art Arthur Rackham
On the playlist today...Make a wish upon a star..followed by Winnie the Pooh singing..Where ever you are..


Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

I am here dearest, over the ocean, over the moon, wishing that I will see you, one day, soon.

This is a fabulous rendering; Arthur Rackham is one of my favorites. Are you familiar with the work of H.J. Ford and his collaboration with Andrew Lang and his series of colored fairytale books? My favorite is The Olive Green Fairy Book, The Blue Fairy Book. He has other colors as well! Google the first title, and see if you can find Abebooks. com; they have photos of all the colors. They are sold at a very high price, but oh, to get my hands on one. How are you my dearest zuster? I hope that soon, you will tell us of your time in magical Spain.

Bisous to my dear friend, Anita

GrandmaK said...

It's always so enjoyable to visit here!!! Music is grand...will carry the tunes in my head as we travel today! Thanx! Cathy

ana said...