All you need is some fluff..and the fun can begin..join the little ones in my garden..FLY like an Eagle..let you spirit run free..

Art~Elves parachuting~Ernest Aris.


Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

I am totally on board! I will jump on a fairie's back and fly away with the puff...we have lots of it flying around and it is so magical, from the Cottonwood trees. I hope that you are enjoying this lovely day dear one! Anita

Jacoba said...

I saw a little boy the other day, a handful of dandelion fluff and picking more. I realized he would both cry when the wind would take them away and at the same time would be so *amazed* about the wonder of it all.
It brought back my childhood.
Your blog takes me straight back to all my childhood books that so inspired me.
I must still read 'Row row row, etc.' but just seeing the picture alone makes me happy.
Dank je wel, Dutch Duchess!
Fijne dag!

Jacoba said...

OK, one more comment: really unbelievable. The rain made me sit inside with my laptop near the open 'farmer's door' (top open, bottom closed) and what comes flying in and keeps dancing next to the laptop, my fountainpen and my reading glasses?! A fluff, a 'parachuutje' and it keeps floating in the air of my laptop. No doubt there is a fairy from your garden having a party with this fluff. I just had to communicate this to you.
Thanks for sending it my way!

joven said...

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