In the middle of NOW..

WOW..we had some severe thunderstorms yesterday...

We opened all the doors and windows...to let the storm winds enter our house..we had to barricade the doors so they wouldn't slamm shut again. The rain poored down with buckets..we dimed the lights so we could see the thunder light up our livingroom again and again. I sat on the stairs in the hallway..the wind in my hair..looking out on the lawn and the waving trees..my husband was standing in the doorway..From time to time he would step out to take a shower in the rain..Its one of those moments in time you just feel right in the middle of NOW..Letting nature take its course..

Art~The Tempest~Pierre Cote
On the playlist..Hurricane Herman.


GrandmaK said...

Oh how wonderful!!! Times like this really allow you to feel the power of the Almighty! Cathy

Jacoba said...

Beautiful picture!, and it just show how we ran away from our boat on the lakes. The lightning just never stopped, the thunder storm seemed to stay on the lakes and the rain from the roof ended up like the water falls at Schaffhausen. Fascinating, but too big bangs here to run out in the rain ..... The garden said: ahhhh!!! I love the cool and brightness after a thunderstorm.

ana said...

Beautiful picture!