Stepping out..

Come...follow me..lets sneek out..mind your step..there's a lot of water in Venice...click here and we will take a virtual tour through a wonderful city..its possible we will meet Casanova..find ourselfs a beautiful costume and mask to dance in the magical carnaval...take a rest in a very famous old cafe..Italy's oldest cafe to be exact!
Go boating on the canals with your beloved and listen to the gondolier sing about Amore....
And last but not least visit a museum...there are many!!! Don't forget Venice is a city of famous painters..

Isn't this fun..making a trip while sitting in your chair....Lets end this trip in a church to light a candle..O..I almost forgot THE WEDDINGS in Venice..very romantic and fairytale like..Have a grand Venice of a day...

Art by Dulac.


GrandmaK said...

I am so glad I took this tour with you! You are a wonderful tour guide. This is a wonderful idea. Visiting the sights and sounds right here. (Do wish I was there though. This just whets the appetite!) Wishing you a grand day! Cathy

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Amore.....ahhhh, the one thing to live for that will last for eternity! Oh, thank you dearest for taking us on this lovely tour. A sidewalk cafe, museums....I could do this all day. Ruben and I certainly have the energy to meet up with you and do the town!!! Let's go on a gondola and dream, eat the best Italian food and laugh the hours away!


ana said...

So nice!, So beautiful!