Crossing the brook..

Stepping into August...and please dear August...go slow..as much as I love Fall...I don't want this Summer to end...

ART~Harry Watson.


Jacoba said...

Dear Dutchess,
The light has changed, the cushions are damp, the berries on the trees are turning bright orange, the viburnum is turning red, dahlia's florishing plentiful - all signs to me that I must be aware that the end of August will be closer than I wish.
You had a ticker on your blog earlier on for the count down to summer, but at that time I thought: hold on, hold on, to the long evenings and the light.
Sorry about calling you 'Dutch' yesterday, that was a hastily typing error.
I so enjoy all the art on your blog, and the words of course.
Have a wonderful and warm August day!

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Good morning dear friend,

August is a month when I start to feel the flutter of butterflies in my stomach, as I know that in the next two weeks, I will have to spend some time preparing for my new school year, memorize my students' names and faces and then tear into my classroom to organize. I just can't bear the thought! But it has been the most magical of summers, meeting Penny in California, seeing my dear family and friends and staying home here at Rabbit Hill to enjoy each quiet day. Our renovation will be getting underway in a couple of weeks, right around the time we start school, so madness will abound here, but we shall keep our heads! I hope you are enjoying your day. I haven't seen you....I have a little mention of you on my post...if you have a moment, please come by. Your presence is always the highlight of my blog. Many hugs to you, Anita

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Oh!!! How lovely to see you my dearest....Blogland can sometimes swallow up comments and I don't know how that happens!!!! We are just about to leave as well on a nature walk; here in our city, even though it is suburban, we have many a creature to see, count and delight in! And I am so glad to hear that your weather is better, allowing you to enjoy the outdoors without feeling stifled by the heat! We are going to relax today, and enjoy the magic of the fleeting moments of August....much love to you my dear, dear friend.


Zuzu said...

Here, Fall is only 6 weeks away!

I enjoy your blog so very much, and have added it to my blogroll.

Wishing you a lovely day,

Angelsdoor * Penny said...

Dear Dutchess

I try and try, but it has been so very difficult to leave a note at your door... The screen jumps here and there, and now I am feeling a little sea sick. heeeee. I chased the leave comment all over the sea and was able to catch it today!
Beautiful post... I cannot believe we are near the end of summer. Where oh where does the time go.
Thank you so much for visiting Bebe in Paris... I hope she gave you a smile.

fleur said...

Zag je berichtje bij zuzu's blog; cottage in the woods en kom nu even bij je langs..
Mooie muziek, prachtige afbeeldingen en teksten; ik blijf
even verder rondkijken, hoor!
Ben ook benieuwd naar je tuinblog!
groetjes Fleur