A Friday the 13th Flutter.

O M G...we almost forgot...its Friday the 13th...I hope you don't suffer from Paraskevidekatriaphobics — people afflicted with a fear of Friday the 13th — Because look who's fluttering by...its the witches sister..on her black bat...

Have a wonderful weekend out there..and be careful..


Anonymous said...

Wow, haha, my day was quite good. :)) I don't believe in 13th Friday and it works, really! :)

Angelsdoor * Penny said...

I did not even realize! No fear here dear Dutchess.. Having a wonderful day.
Thank you so much for visiting and your kind words.
Enjoy your weekend.

GrandmaK said...

Had a busy day with it's fair share of surprises, but not because it's the 13th on a Friday! It's just Friday! ;) Cathy

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

YIKES! I forgot it was the 13th! I was so busy that I didn't even think about it! Oh sweet one, you visited me yesterday and I am barely getting back to you....ORANGE....you are a lucky and beautiful lady to be able to wear it well! I bet you have a reddish glow to your lovely hair...with those green eyes, orange would be a lovely color on you! Me? Hmmmmmmm.......it makes me look yellow! But....the combination of WHITE and orange on my might suit me; but for now, an orange and vanilla confection of some kind will do JUST FINE!!! And you all wear orange during the football season....I would so love to be there to see it all! Hilltop is teeming and buzzing with the anticipation of much these days, isn't it? Oh how excited I am for you in ALL of your endeavors dearest. Peace to you, Anita