A murmer in the trees..

There is a murmer in the trees...inviting..Would you dare to enter the forbidden forest..? Follow the road to the Fairy Dell..and meet all kind of enchanting creatures on your way...

A Murmur in the Trees -- --
Not loud enough -- for Wind --
A Star -- not far enough to seek --
Nor near enough -- to find --

A long -- long Yellow -- on the Lawn --
A Hubbub -- as of feet --
Not audible -- as Ours -- to Us --
But dapperer -- More Sweet --

A Hurrying Home of little Men
To Houses unperceived --
All this -- and more -- if I should tell --
Would never be believed --

Of Robins in the Trundle bed
How many I espy
Whose Nightgowns could not hide the Wings --
Although I heard them try --

But then I promised ne'er to tell --
How could I break My Word?
So go your Way -- and I'll go Mine --
No fear you'll miss the Road.

to note by Emily Dickinson
Art~Arthur Rackham.


Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Oh I know that if we were capable of HEARING what trees have to say, there words and stories would enchant us, but how could we understand this world of enchantment? We are not fluent enough in this language of faeries...but oh, the closer we all get when we listen more to the silence, don't we dearest? Emily Dickenson....the best! Arthur Rackham? A great, and YOU are of this caliber dearest...you truly are. Have a splendid day listening to the trees.....Nita

GrandmaK said...

So very restful as I awaken this morning. The music is beautiful too! Cathy

Angelsdoor * Penny said...

Beautiful, just beautiful my dear friend.