Faeries and Chimneys

You know the smoke from chimneys–
It often isn’t smoke.
It’s nothing but the fairies
Having such a joke.

Round they fly and round about,
Higher still and higher
“Dearie me,” the people say,
“A chimney on fire!”

You know the noise the wind makes
At night-time now and then–
It’s just those naughty fairies
At their tricks again–

Sitting in the chimney
Round and round in rows,
Singing all together
And warming up their toes.

Rose Fyleman

Now that you entered Hilltop Hall..would you dare to take of your coat and sit by the fire..mind you,you never know what can happen here...some say this house is haunted..some say this house is magical...but if you hear any strange noises,don't be alarmed...its the Fairies. They are gathering in the house to party before they leave...


Margarida Elias said...

Beatiful! I loved the poem and the idea. I'm going to start looking for the fairys...:)

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

OOOOOOO! I am coming to Hilltop, heck or high water, I will be there! AND, I am not afraid of the noises, not after that fiasco last year when Miss M. had to pull out her spy kit to investigate those horrible noises!! AND....I am a teacher...I am not afraid of anything!!!!! :) Oh dearest, this was a delightful poem, and I must have many faeries humming in my attic, for I hear noises all the time as such! Get that little Elynn ready for some fun this year....put on her fairy suit soon.....Bisous, Anita