Gone with the wind..

I was laying in my bed,eyes open wide... listening to the wind....It was so strong I thought it was going to lift up the house with everything in it..and fly me over the rainbow..The house was squeaking and making noises I never heard before...A sudden gust of wind opened a door...The North Wind came in...and asked..would you like to go with me..we will dream up a storm together....

And they flew, so fast they went that the sea slid away from under them like a great web of shot silk, blue shot with grey, and green shot with purple. They went so fast that the stars themselves appeared to sail away past them overhead, " like golden boats ", on a blue sea turned upside down. And they went so fast that Diamond himself went the other way as fast—I mean he went fast asleep in North Wind's arms.

From ~At the back of the North Wind.

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Anonymous said...

LOVE this wonderful, inspiring post! So joyful! :)
Wishing you a very happy weekend,
~ Zuzu