We Wait.....

November always seemed to me the Norway of the year."
- Emily Dickinson

On the Hilltop we are waiting in anticipation....we heard on the weather report that there will be SNOW this coming weekend...so..

A carrot..for the snowman's nose..check
A hat..for the snow man's head..check
Two buttons..for the snowman's eyes..check..
Bird seeds...to fill the feeder..check.
Nutts...for the squirrels..check..
A burning stove..to warm yourself when you come in from the cold..and last but not least..hot chocolate..with cream..
Anything I forgot.....?

O... the snowman hasn't got his mouth yet...maybe some m&m's....:)
Can't help it..I know it's early but today I'm singing a winter song....


fleur said...

OHHHHH; Ik kan ook niet wachten!!!!
Als een klein kind kijk ik uit naar de eerste sneeuwvlokken...
Denk dan altijd aan die zweedse kinderfilms met sneeuw en kerst etc
groetjes Fleur

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

AND I AM WITH YOU DEAREST! I think your checklist is complete...OOOOOH NO!!! Tea Rat just came in and said, "SHAME, SHAME, SHAME!" "YOU FORGOT THE TEA DEAR DUTCHESS!" Now, don't you mind that old rat....he is so fussy and prefers tea over chocolate, but I am with you dear one, I will take my chocolate with PEPPERMINT CANDY SHAVINGS!! And then, a romp in the snow and a snowball fight will work up our appetites for some appelflapenn....oh, my Dutch spelling is horrible!


Mapi said...

Een lekkere warme muts lijkt me ook wel wat.
En een glaasje Gl├╝hwein waar je zo heerlijk je handen aan kunt warmen.

Vanmiddag liep ik nog op de hei in Geldrop, had mijn handschoenen vergeten en dat voelde op den duur toch wel koud aan, brrrrrrrrrrrr....

Fijne avond Dutchess

Michelle Palmer said...

Sweet, sweet post~
Wishing you a beautiful blanket of snowman fun!