Somewhere on the North pole..

Somewhere on the North pole Santa starts his yourney...the countdown has begun..Ho Ho Ho.....

Art~Arthur Thiele.


GrandmaK said...

What a grand picture! It looks like Santa has his job cut out for himself. You just want to jump through the screen and help!!! Have a grand day! Cathy

Mapi said...

Dat filmpje, geweldig.
Hoe vind je ze toch iedere keer weer.

Lieve groet vanuit winterwonderland.


Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

HALLO MIJN VRIENDIN! How did I miss this? AND...I just saw those two ENORMOUSLY GRAND FRIENDS over at Big Bear and Little Mouse....dearest, your drawings just enchant me FOREVER! MISSING YOU! Nita

Angelsdoor * Penny said...

Dear Dutchess
Great music! I love the artwork.. Have a great day.
Hello my dear Anita!

Ann Nichols said...

Such a nice painting! I do so love everything to do with St. Nicholas and his legend!
Somehow...I have missed you the last few days! Well, I've been away from the computer for the most part nursing a cold and before that celebrating Thanksgiving! But I'm glad to be back! I so love starting my day with your posts!
many blessings!