Inner Sanctum..

The snow has melted on the Hilltop....in the next days to come there will be rain...
..But there was one pile of snow left and there I found this Snowhouse..I will show you the way..so we can meet there...

It all starts
with the quality,
the density, the size
of the snow bank.
True now, true forty years ago;
it is the critical ingredient.
We piled it high, over successive storms,
waiting not so patiently
for the right time. The right mix
of wet and cold
Snowman snow.
Digging, with shovels, with hands
creating a dome, an inner sanctum
interconnected tunnels, in and out
meeting in the middle
all within the pile of snow.

Snow Fort by Raymond A. Foss

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Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

...and such are the snow dreams of all children, of all ages. When I see that first snowfall, it just lifts my heart. May you build many my sweet one, creating the magic for your family that you have so lovingly created for me.....Nita

Mapi said...

Hier heeft het gisteren toch weer gesneeuwd.
Ik ga even liggen, ziet er zacht en cosy uit.
Mijn lijf wil vandaag niet wat ik graag wil.
Oh heerlijk.....


Ann Nichols said...

Whimsical and oh so sweet! The very best gift is to give that of childhood to ones offspring... things like this make life so special, all our loves long.
Wishing you a wonderful New Year!