The Key..

Honey....I lost my key's..are you still there.....?

I don't know how may times I've lost my keys...And..funny enough I
always find them back on the strangest of places..I still have the same keychain my daughters gave me on a birthday years and years a go..a crystal heart with a rose in it..Its very precious to me..
My hubby is also very good in misplacing his keys..ofcourse he never loses them like I do..grin! They just can't be found EVER again...well almost ..because we just found a set of frozen keys in the icebox..next to the french fries..!
This year my hubby and I celebrate the fact that we know eachother for..50 years..We hope to give a big party in August..
We found the key to each other's heart when we were 4 and 5 years old..and we never lost it..not even for a second..!


Ann Nichols said...

You've know each other for 50 years!!! That is just beautiful! since you were 4 and 5... how rare is that today? What a special gift.
Now that's the key to never lose... the one to one another's hearts!

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

THE ICE BOX!!!! teeeeheeee...THAT is a new one! Oh dearest, you HAVE known each other for a long time; I was the recipient of this this fabulous story when you told me last year. What a love story. I bet he just loved you the moment he saw you.....I want to celebrate with you all! IN AUGUST? THEN IT IS....in Nowhere, where we all gather and hope and dream....those keys of ours do turn up in the strangest of places!!!!!!


Jacoba said...

WOW! Imagine, knowing each other for such a long time. And do you remember the first moment you set eyes on each other? We have a couple in the village just the same, and they remember their encounter clearly.
How wonderful!
As to the keys: I know the problem and must admit that I am capable of losing whole bunches of keys, and even with tags on them return to never get them back ... These days they are fastened to my cell phone, my work id-card, I am like Beatrijs ...
Have you recovered from the shock of those nasty spammers?

GrandmaK said...

Lovely analogy!!! Happy 50th year to you! It is so very exciting. I'd love to attend the celebration too!!! How wonderful that you have known and loved each other for so many years. Wishing you well! Cathy

Mapi said...

Wat is dit een mooi bericht !
Daar word ik wel even stil van, al 50 jaar samen !
En dat je je sleutels niet kan vinden, overkomt mij ook om de haverklap.

Mooie vrijdag

Jeri Landers said...

I've found some weird things in the freezer... but never my keys. Although, my husband says He could put me in a closet with a bicycle and I would loose the bicycle. Keys should be worn around one's neck, I have discovered.
50 years and wishing you 50 more!