As simple as that...

Definition: not complex; not infolded or entangled; uncombined; not compounded; not blended with something else; not complicated;......

Sometimes..when I'm sitting in my birdsnest...at my computer..creating a post..THE WORLD steps in...unannounced..very loud..asking..Why are you not writing about world peace ,hunger,religion,blizzards and tsunamis....?
-Well...because I KNOW whats happening outside...I KNOW we are living in difficult times..I know people struggle..I know...and thats why..
-Why WHAT...?
-Thats why I write about HOPE and FAITH..thats why I write about beauty,art and imagination....and that's why I visit AMAZING blogs from AMAZING people,people who stay strong..and share love and friendship..This is not always easy..when you have to take care of a family...have big responsibilities..a demanding job..
But I do know dear world that its ever so important...to seek something simple..something to believe in..so you can carry on..something like..for me..looking in the eyes of my granddaughter..connecting..still so very innocent...so full of trust..so precious.
So with this in mind I write...hopeful,and full of graditude...its a simple as that...
And now dear world..carry on..skedaddle..I'm working here....

There are things in life you'll learn and
In time you'll see
Cause out there somewhere
It's all waiting
If you keep believing
So don't run, don't hide
It will be all right
You'll see, trust me
I'll be there watching over you

Art~Admiring the baby~George Goodwin Kilburne.
On the playlist...Take a look through my eyes..Phil Collins


Margarida Elias said...

I agree with you. I think that we all need hope, goodness and beauty. That's why I like your blog so much.
Thank you for your great work!:)

Ann Nichols said...

And that is EXACTLY THE REASON WHY i LOVE VISITING WITH YOU SO MUCH!!!(cap lock - sorry ;))
I absolutely love your posts...they are a highlight of my day!
Blessings dear Dutchess and keep on a keep on!

Mapi said...

Hello dear Dutchess
Jouw blog verlicht mijn dag!
Iedere keer weer fijn om te lezen, te bewonderen en te beluisteren.

Angelsdoor * Penny said...

That about says it all dear Dutchess.. Thank you my friend for your beautiful, thoughtful, creative self.. You are a true inspiration to me.
p.s. I miss Mozes and Miss Moussie in Nohwere...
Bebe sends her love

Marja said...

Good one. I totally agree with you. We need people who bring light in the darkness and you are one of them