When I was a little girl I didn't dream about knights or other super hero's...I'm more the nutty professor kind of girl....My husband when he was a little boy DID dream about knight's..he wanted to become one..strong and brave and then he would safe the damsel in distres..
Well...he did safe a damsel..ME...he did this when he already was a very clever(and sometimes nutty) professor...and ME..I became the knight...letting him believe he safed me(by putting up a fight first...:))Us woman don't need to be safed now do we......What is a female Knight called?.... Chevaleresse - I had to look that one up....we make a very good team..the professor and his chevaleresse..

Isn't it wonderful when you find your soulmate...go visit my dear friends on Rabbit Hill..another professor..a very witty one..and another Chevaleresse...my soulsister..they are celebrating a magical day....

The White Knight is Alice's escort through the second-to-last square. As Lewis Carroll's own self-depiction in the book, the White Knight is a daydreaming inventor, a foolish and awkward man who is highly sentimental. His cleverness is entirely impractical, but it still moves us to adoration.

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GrandmaK said...

Lovely post! Happy Valentine's Day to you! Cathy