“Excuse my dust”

Ever since the Fairies arived at the Hilltop...the place looks fairy dusty....or could it be I'm a little behind with my cleaning..?

The little ones can't help it..when they pass me by in a hurry and a flutter I can hear them giggling..saying..“Excuse my dust”....

Before I knew it I was fluttering and giggling too...almost sneezed myself out the window while dusting my livingroom..this fairy dust has very strange fairy effects...

I'm going to have myself a happy dusting day...with a little help of my friends..

Art-Spring cleaning-March-Calender illustration-Lucile Murphy.


Ann Nichols said...

Sound like you have very nice plans!
Have a nice day!

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Teeeheeee! I think the dust fairies have been living here all year long! Or rather, dust BUNNIES...Rabbit Hill of course! HAPPY CLEANING PRECIOUS FRIEND! Oh how I love your wit...Nita

*✿*ℳḯʟʟḯ℮ ℳεα∂☺ωSẘℯℯ☂*✿* said...

such sweetness :o)