Way Up There....

My garden is blessed with many many birds...Somewhere...there's a bird on its way home....flying with great speed towards the Hilltop....we are waiting...who will be the first to spot the Swallow....

The day was counting up its birds and never got the answer right.
~Author Unknown


Mapi said...

Ze worden hier en daar al waargenomen dear Dutchess.
Misschien komen ze vanmiddag al .
Ze zullen wel moe zijn na die lange reis uit Afika !

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Ooo! I shall soon be on my spring break next week, and I will be counting with you dearest! We have some BRIGHT RED cardinals that are itching to start setting up housekeeping in our yard along with some aggressive but lovely blue jays! FUN IS STARTING!!! BISES, Nita